Who Are We?

Mission Statement

The melding of technology and finance through artificial intelligence

With massive and ever shifting volume of new data every day, financial institutions, customers and investors are all grappling with how to maximize the efficiency and returns on their limited resources. Our mission is to help them reach their desired goals with higher precision and better insights. Our deep-learning based technology can significantly improve business performances (lower defaults and higher sales, for example), deliver pro-actively customized products to customers based on their life cycle events and behavioral patterns, and  offer higher investment returns on their savings

Deep Learning-based Analytics

A leading deep learning-based analytics solution and service provider for various financial applications

Extensible and Scalable

Our cognitive computing and advanced analytics are extensible and scalable


An AI-based machine learning and NLP technology with an Asian language edge, able to capture greater monetization of client company’s customer base through

  • Optimization of product profitability characteristics
  • Discovery of better insights and understanding of customer data
  • Offering more predictive and prescriptive information
  • Highlighting inflection points easily overlooked by humans

Track Record

We have a demonstrated track record in

  • stock price forecasting and equity trading using our proprietary NLP-based behavioral / sentiment analytics combined with dynamic momentum algorithms
  • predictive modeling for improved insurance product profitability using behavior-based customer segmentation
  • forecasting modeling for corporate credit ratings
  • personality modeling for matching compatible financial advisors with clients to build stronger personal relationships and trust