Our Technology


Natural Language Processing

  • Our proprietary NLP can process complex and large volume of unstructured data that are incomplete, noisy and highly dimensional. It can convert them into “readable” data via highly technical sets of morphological and pattern analysis and mapping

  • Our NLP engine is capable of processing 18 billion key words a day. By combining investor sentiment algorithms for stock picking, we have commercialized the first NLP engine for the Korean financial service sector

Machine Learning

  • Our machine intelligence platform includes such statistical and machine learning algorithms as Support Vector Machine, Random Forest and Deep Learning and can be extended to include whatever algorithms are required for a specific class of analysis and a variety of use cases

  • Many of the features in our algorithms are highly technical and proprietary as they have been developed from our extensive research and analysis of latest publications and reports in this fast evolving technological field

Financial Engineering

  • Traditional financial theories and models (Markowitz Portfolio Theory, Dynamic Modern Portfolio Theory) combined with latest deep learning algorithms have been generating optimal yields in a series of real cases
  • Our analytics and models can be deployed in predictive, prescriptive and operational systems and applications across various financial products and sectors including currencies, interest rates, commodities, stocks, bonds, insurance and wealth management